Geraldton Heights: Why Our Estates are Selling Out

Recently, we started selling lifestyle blocks for house and land packages in Geraldton Heights Estate. While we can’t say that we are really surprised, the estate is selling out a lot faster than expected. In fact, we are currently selling stage 3A and there is only one block left in Stage 1. We would like to give you a few reasons why this is happening.

Geraldton Heights Estate Selling Out

A Sense of Community

When we started with Stage 1 of Geraldton Heights Estate, we were a real estate development group located in Perth. We weren’t really part of the Geraldton community yet. Now that we have been working with and in Geraldton for a few years, we have become more entrenched in the community.

We now have an entire stage already sold and people living in their homes in our beautiful land estate overlooking the Indian Ocean. People in Geraldton are used to us now. We are actually selling more homes to people in the Geraldton area than we were before.

Charity Begins at Home

When we worked with one of our builder friends, Redink Homes Midwest, to give a home away for the charity called “Midwest Charity Begins at Home”, we had no idea of the response we would get. It was going to be auctioned, but instead it was bought before the auction even happened for a price that was higher than the auction would have brought in.

When we got involved with Midwest Charity Begins at Home, we did it to give back to a great community. Along the way, we developed some great friendships and connections. In other words, it is the great people of Geraldton who are helping us succeed.

Sea Change

Even though the sea change phenomenon is not new, a lot of Perth area residents are deciding a sea change would be a great move for them. They realise that a home is $175,000-$200,000 less than it would be in Perth right now. That’s a lot of sea change.

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