Geraldton Heights Estate: The Master Plan

If you are looking at house and land packages at Geraldton Heights Estate, you probably see a small group of properties in a beautiful setting. The land blocks are huge compared to those in the Perth area and the view of the Indian Ocean is gorgeous. You are ten minutes away from all of the amenities and infrastructure that Geraldton has to offer. Your elevation also gives you a view of the Geraldton CBD.

Geraldton Heights Estate was going to be a place where you could stand on your property, enjoy the view and know that everything you need is only ten minutes away, it would be a great opportunity. Believe it or not, though, it’s even better.

Master Plan For Geraldton Heights Estate

What to Expect at Geraldton Heights Estate

Geraldton Heights Estate is a master planned community. It is a land estate that will one day be like a small town within the Geraldton community. We aren’t going to just develop a bunch of real estate and leave you on your own. Geraldton Heights Estate is going to have its own shopping district. It is also going to have schools, landscaped parks and a town centre.

By the time Geraldton Heights Estate is finished, there will be approximately 2,500 homes. Because the land blocks start at 2,000 m2, you won’t ever feel like you are being crowded in, as you would in a larger city or a development with smaller blocks of land. You are going to feel like Geraldton Heights Estate is your own, private community with a full set of amenities and infrastructure.

There is also going to be a network of cycling paths and walking paths so you can not only enjoy nature at its finest, but keep yourself in shape while you are enjoying yourself. We also have a bridle path in the works for those who want to have horses.

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