Geraldton Heights Estate: What to Expect When You Move In

In the beginning stages of Geraldton Heights Estate, we have plenty of property for sale in the form of large land blocks beginning at 2000 sqm. You have the opportunity to turn them into house and land packages by contacting any of our Geraldton Heights Estate builder partners.

Many who hear about us ask “what is Geraldton Heights Estate?” or “how long do we wait before we get a town centre?”

While our projections are just projections, we wanted to give you an idea of what to expect when you move in to Geraldton Heights Estate.

Geraldton Heights Estate: What to Expect When You Move In


At first, we will concentrate on developing the land blocks and developing a community. You won’t have a lot of neighbours at first, but we plan on eventually having 2,500 homes in Geraldton Heights Estate. We will have a school, shopping, recreational and medical facilities as the Estate grows closer to its maximum planned population.

In the meantime, you are within 10-20 minutes of Geraldton’s infrastructure and the Indian Ocean. You have access to all of Geraldton’s schools, medical facilities, recreational facilities and shopping. Geraldton’s council is making a concerted effort to keep Geraldton’s infrastructure well ahead of the growth curve. They aim to provide adequate infrastructure while still maintaining Geraldton’s small town sense of community and its identity as a “sea change” destination.

Geraldton’s beaches are world-renowned for water sports and for their beauty. In addition, there are numerous tourism destinations within an hour’s drive of Geraldton. Life is good in Geraldton.


For those who are growing tired of the big city hustle and bustle of Perth, Geraldton will present a welcome change in lifestyle. Geraldton is laid back and friendly. In addition, you will always be able to enjoy your ocean view.

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