How Geraldton Heights Buyers can Benefit from Brexit Fallout

Even though Brexit happened halfway across the world, it is still going to have an effect on us in Australia. It is especially expected to have an effect on the Geraldton property and housing market, creating a near-perfect storm. Are you curious yet? Keep reading.

Brext and Geraldton Property Benefits

The RBA Cash Interest Rate

Share markets around the world have taken a bath due to Brexit. The markets haven’t seen this large a drop since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Consequently, most economists are now expecting a rate cut to an even further record low of 1.5% in August. Most economists feel the chances of a rate drop are as high as 90%.

Another rate drop could occur by November, placing the rate at 1.25%. This is seen as a 33% probability. We think it isn’t unreasonable to expect the first cut to be a certainty and anticipate mortgage repayments accordingly.

Property Investors

When the share markets drop, property becomes the preferred investment vehicle. International investors, especially those in China, love Australia right now. In addition, thanks to Brexit, property investors are staying away from England right now. England is a preferred investment for Chinese investors.

The result: we expect Chinese and other international investors to take a renewed interest in Australian property. As we know, this always raises the value of property and homes. Whether you are a small investor or someone looking to buy their first home, right now is THE time to buy if you can afford it.

The Geraldton Property Sweet Spot

We see this as a “sweet spot” for buying Geraldton property. Interest rates are still low and prices haven’t risen yet. The property you buy today is destined to increase in value soon. We can’t guarantee it but there is a possibility that those who start with house and land packages in Geraldton Heights in the next month or two may see their property increase in value before they set foot in their new homes.

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