Why Geraldton is Great for Property Investors

Real estate investors are discovering that Geraldton is a great opportunity to “get in on the ground floor” before property prices “take off.”

Geraldton Real Estate: A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity?

The WA population is projected to double by 2050. Some project it to double even earlier. While our Capital City already has high prices, Geraldton and the Mid West don’t. We sell 2,000+ sqm blocks for $129,000.

Property Investors Love Geraldton Real Estate

In Pearsall, a suburb located 25km north of Perth, a 500 sqm block on special at The Terraces Estate sells for $355,000. Only two are left but if someone were to buy four adjacent blocks in the Terraces Estate at that price, it would come out to $1.42 million, approximately 11 times the cost of a 2,000 sqm block in Geraldton Heights Estate.

We sell lifestyle blocks and encourage people to build large homes. But if there’s one thing we can see in the future, it’s that land keeps going up in price, especially as a larger population creates more demand. 30 years ago, 2,000 blocks were routine in the Perth area. Now they are seen as luxury properties.

Geraldton is becoming a “hub” for the Mid West due to our port, our infrastructure and our people. We fully believe that property investors in Geraldton are in the same situation Perth investors were 30 years ago. Imagine if you had bought a few 2,000 sqm blocks ten minutes from the Perth CBD and built on them 30 years ago. How much would those properties be worth today?

The Geraldton Rental Market

Here is data for all houses in Greater Geraldton. Due to the market correction of the mining industry, growth is at -3.5% right now. That is about to change. The median price of a home is $306,000, while the median rent is $300 a week. Rental demand is seen as “average,” while the median rental yield is 5.1%. According to RealEstate.com.au, the median rental property produces a $271 monthly cash flow.

Geraldton Real Estate Information

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