Geraldton Continues to Develop Tourism for Robust Economy

When people from out of town ask us why they should look at land for sale in Geraldton, we can talk forever. We love it here and that is enough for many of us. But people from out of town not only want to know about the Geraldton lifestyle, they also want to know that they will be able to make a comfortable living in a stable economy.

Many from Perth or any of the Capital Cities wonder if a city as comparatively small as Geraldton has a sustainable economy. The answer is a resounding “yes”. Geraldton is a Mid West “hub” for both the agriculture and resources industries. It is also a world class tourist destination.

Tourism and Land For Sale in Geraldton

The City of Greater Geraldton and the Mid West Development Commission are extremely proactive in making sure Geraldton and the Mid West grow our economy in a sustainable fashion. We have covered other aspects of the economy on this blog but one that we don’t always cover is tourism.

Everyone on the Council and in business development are very aware of the tourism industry and have done a lot to make Geraldton even a better tourist attraction than it already is. We are known for our fishing, boating, kitesurfing and snorkeling but our Council has been busy redeveloping and improving the Foreshore to make it even better.

Currently, they are exploring the idea of an ocean pool and a 3D laser light installation. They use some simple metrics to determine whether or not any tourist plan is working: number of tourist visits, overnight stays and the amount of money spent per tourist.

The Foreshore is rapidly becoming an attraction in its own right. Recently, the Triple J One Night Stand concert brought an estimated $1.5 million into the community. With forward-thinking people governing our community, we only see it getting better.

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