Geraldton City Decision Making Led by the Community

In many cities and governments scattered across the country and the globe, decisions, especially those regarding budgeting and capital spending are often decided by those in charge with little to no opinion inputted by the people to whom it will affect. This is not the case in the city of Geraldton since it was the community and its members that made big decisions about funding and the future of the city.

An Innovative Project

The city of Geraldton is one of the first to attempt such an inclusive planning committee for budgeting and financing. This project is being called the #changesCGGcommunity program and seeks to include all community members in the planning of the city’s future. Drawing inspiration from the 2029 and Beyond Program, this is the first initiative of its kind.

Geraldton City Decision Making

In essence, a number of panel discussion meetings, both city officials and ordinary citizens met together to discuss what projects the city wanted to undertake, how to raise enough funds for it and how funds raised would be appropriated.

Initial Success

It sounds great on paper, but would such a project actually be successful in practical situations? The answer is ‘yes’ as the #changesCGGcommunity program has already achieved notable success. The first panel discussion meeting recently took place within the past few weeks and brought city officials together with community members in a way unheard of before.

The meeting went very well on all sides and all members contributed to the forming of new plans and budgetary ideas. There is little doubt that the second meeting will be as successful and lead to not only greater participation in city matters, but also produce results for the city’s future successes.

Inclusion for the Future

For one of the first times in the modern history of any city, Geraldton has undergone an initiative that seeks to include all people, officials and community members alike, in plans for the future endeavours of the city, including budgeting and funding. With this project well under way, the future of the lifestyle of residents and possible real estate in Geraldton looks brighter than ever.

To learn more about this program and what it means for residents, call (08) 9301 4445.