Geraldton and the Wonders of the Abrolhos Islands

If you’re tiring of busy city life in Perth, then why not consider a move to Geraldton? Situated approximately 424 km north of Perth, Geraldton is an amazing city that is poised for significant economic growth over the coming years.

Geraldton Heights Estate is one of the City’s most prominent developments, a master-planned community, which will, when fully completed, contain all that a resident could need, including stores and shops, amenities, schools, and more. The City of Geraldton is located in a striking rural area, directly on the doorstep of the Indian Ocean. It’s scenic location offers plenty of beaches, areas of nature observation, and other sites where you can enjoy a relaxing rural lifestyle.


Arguably one of the most spectacular attributes of Geraldton is its close proximity to the Houtman Abrolhos Islands, achain of 122 islands formed from coral reefs. A 70km boat ride from the Geraldton coast is all it takes to reach these natural wonders. A great variety of marine life dwells on and around these islands because of the fact that both moderate and tropical species can inhabit this climate. This makes the Abrolhos Islands the perfect place for both snorkeling and diving to get up close and personal with the many different marine creatures and corals.

In addition to the abundant sea life, many fallen ships have made their final resting place among the Abrolhos Islands, including the Batavia shipwreck, one of the most famous of all time. The remains of these sunken ships are fun and interesting to explore while spending time on these islands. Tours are available, especially around the prime fishing season for the Abrolhos Western Rock Lobster, which is typically from March to June.

The beauty of nature so close to home is one of the most amazing benefits of moving to Geraldton. The strong economy and close proximity to so many scenic areas makes Geraldton one of the best places in Western Australia to call home.

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