Why First Home Buyers Love Geraldton Heights Estate

When we first made blocks of land available for sale in Geraldton Heights Estate, we didn’t know what demographics to expect but we had an idea. We knew we were going to offer blocks measuring 2,000 sqm at very reasonable prices. We were hoping to help young families live in a place they want to live at prices they could afford.

First Home Buyers Love Land For Sale In Geraldton

We think we have been very successful at this. But one thing we didn’t expect was so much interest from so many first home buyers from the Perth area. At Geraldton Heights Estate, a lifestyle land block over 2,000 sqm sells for $129,000. In Perth, where we have eight successful land estates, blocks are between 260 sqm and 500sqm. Smaller blocks start at $219,000 while larger blocks can sell for $359,000.

See the difference? Apparently, so have a lot of people from Perth.

Whether you live in Perth, the Mid West or anywhere in Australia, Geraldton Heights Estate is a bargain for a first home buyer. Due to the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG), it is now only available to those who are buying or building a new home. This benefits the construction industry and the economy by stimulating the construction of new homes while helping more people gain entry into the housing market.

If you are looking at Geraldton Heights Estate, it means an affordable property with a lower down payment. If you are looking for seachange, you will find our economy to be just fine, with plenty of jobs available. Our infrastructure is solid, probably more convenient than in a big city. We have a plethora of entertainment options, such as shops, pubs, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, kite-fishing, museums, historic places and more.

Best Land for Sale in Geraldton?

If you want a large lifestyle lot on an elevated land estate with scenic views of Geraldton and the Indian Ocean, only ten minutes from the CBD and five minutes from the Sunset Plaza Shopping Centre, call us today: (08) 9301 4445.