Fight Shrinking Block Sizes by Moving to Geraldton

In the wake of an announcement that the average land block offer in Perth has shrunk yet again, our large blocks of land for sale in Geraldton Heights Estate look like even more of a bargain. The average land block in Perth fell considerably from 9.2% over the previous twelve months to 415 sqm.

Fight Shrinking Block Sizes by Moving to Geraldton

The study, conducted by the Urban Development Institute of Australia’s WA branch, revealed that homes built on less than 200 sqm are becoming increasingly popular and that homes on quarter acre blocks have “all but disappeared”. Twenty years ago, blocks that measured less than 500 sqm represented 8% of the market for newly subdivided lots. Now, they represent 70% of all lots.

Governments have “helped” this process. In the 1970s, the minimum block allowed for building was 597 sqm. Now, that number has dropped to 100 sqm in certain zoning areas. Rising prices have a lot to do with it, too. A home in Perth that cost $205,000 in 2003 rose to $470,000 by 2007.

Homes used to cost twice as much as the land they were on. Now they cost half as much as the land they are on. Smaller blocks can bring the cost of the land block to even with the cost of the home.

Why Geraldton?

At Geraldton Heights Estate, we are currently in Stage 2 of our master planned land estate. Blocks are $129,000 and are between 2,000 and 2,100 sqm. This is a reversal back to the kind of bargain land used to be in Perth in 2003. Geraldton has a thriving economy thanks to the resources industry and is also a noted sea change destination.

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