Employment in Geraldton: By the Numbers

If you are interested in any of our land for sale in Geraldton, you are probably asking yourself a lot of questions. First and foremost for those thinking about relocating: can I find a job in Geraldton? For most people, the answer is a resounding, “Yes”.

Employment in Greater Geraldton

Geraldton is becoming the mining hub of the Mid West Region. While it has taken a bit of a “hit” due to the contraction of the resources industry, the worst of it is over and Geraldton’s unemployment rate is on its way back down. At resource industry peak, Geraldton had an unemployment rate of 2.9%. In March of 2014, it was 7.6% but has gone down to 7.4% for the June quarter of 2014.

With a falling Australian dollar making Australian resources and other exports more competitive on the world market, especially Asia, most economists see steady growth, not only for Geraldton, but the entire Mid West Region.

Greater Geraldton: Employment by Industry

Most resource industry jobs are outside of Geraldton, but Geraldton has grown because of its reputation as a “hub”. While resource industry jobs may not be within Geraldton, a lot of the money produced by the resource industry finds its way into Geraldton. Here is a breakdown of the majority of jobs in Greater Geraldton.

Total: 14, 321
Retail store personnel: 1,894
Social assistance and health care: 1,827
Training and Education: 1,487
Construction industry: 1,320
Safety and public administration: 1,098
Warehousing, transport and postal: 949
Hospitality industry: 898
Manufacturing industry: 736
Miscellaneous services: 730
Technical, scientific and professional services: 624
Wholesale trade services: 500
Forestry, agriculture and fishing: 478
Mining: 446
Support and administrative services: 350
Hiring, real estate and rental services: 299
Insurance and financial services: 285
Waste, Gas, Water and Electricity services:183
Telecommunications and information media: 120
Recreation and arts: 97

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