Do You Want a Rural Lifestyle with City Amenities? Geraldton Heights May Be Just What the Doctor Ordered

Geraldton Heights is our newest estate at 4Land Property Group.  Geraldton is a small town on the ocean, 424 km north of Perth, with a 2011 Census count of slightly under 27,000. Despite its small size, it’s not lacking in city amenities. To get there from Perth, it’s a trip along Indian Ocean Drive, or a quick one hour flight.

Geraldton has one of the best coastlines in Australia, with hills and breakaway ranges further inland. The Greenough and Chapman Rivers border Geraldton to the south and north, making it a unique port town that is a great place to live.

Geraldton has a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and summers that are held in check by a cool ocean breeze. Spring in Geraldton is a season-long wildflower exhibit, and autumns are balmy. Geraldton is the capital of the Mid West region, and also serves as its hub. This hub status has become even more pronounced since the WA mining boom started.

 Besides the mining industry, Geraldton has farms with plenty of animals and agriculture, and a rock lobster fishery. Iron ore is the main mining product, but the mining industry in general is huge right now. Geraldton is also known as a water sports hub, with fishing, diving, windsurfing, and kitesurfing leading the way.

Our Geraldton property team is led by Ray White Real Estate in Geraldton. They know the local market well, and can answer any questions you may have about Geraldton.

Geraldton is a little community that is growing fast. However, it could triple in size and still not be even half as large as Perth. We see Geraldton as a perfect place for those looking for a more rural lifestyle. There are still plenty of wide open spaces, it takes almost no time to get to the middle of town, and there are plenty of jobs around because of the mining community.

Geraldton Heights Estate is a planned community, and will have its own hub with shopping and other amenities by the time the 2,500 projected units are developed.

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