Despite Falling Land Sales Across Australia, Geraldton Heights Estate Pushes Forward

Sales of new and existing homes have been declining or plateauing in many parts of Australia for some time now, however in the city of Geraldton, there is still significant development and property for sale.

Two fiscal quarters ago, there was a reported 20% drop in the number of residential housing sales across Australia, though there was a 13.6% increase in the final quarter of 2012. This may seem like improvement, but that still means that numbers are down on the previous financial year.

This does not bode well for the economy at large. New houses are not being built as frequently, partially because of Geraldton_Heights_Launch_Advert_GG_HalfPage_142.5x265mm - webhigher taxes on building new homes and because demand has declined in some areas.

These figure are not, however, representative of all parts of the Australian real estate market. Experts predict that sales for new homes in Western Australia and New South Wales will actually increase slightly over the next few months.

Geraldton is a perfect example of a Western Australian City that has been insulated from some of the recent real estate market woes.  A growing and thriving community, real estate in Geraldton is some of the best in WA. A prime location for tourism, fishing, mining, and agriculture means that this area has a lot to offer.

This is positive news for buyers of land in Geraldton Heights Estate. This master planned  community has a number of great lots available which are priced below similar lots in the area and are poised for significant growth in value in the future.

Located directly on the western seaboard, Geraldton has a number of things that make it a superb home. A hub of mining and agriculture, it also has a connection to nature with its nature trails, fishing tours, diving, and watersports. Geraldton’s climate is also a notable factor because it stays warm enough during the winters to remain pleasant, and the sea breeze ensures that the summers are never severe.

A number of future projects are planned to keep Geraldton’s economy thriving. The proposed Oakajee Port renovation, once approved, will dramatically enhance the City’s export capabilities and further contribute to an already strong mining economy. The world’s largest telescope is also being built in Geraldton and is part of the Square Kilometre Array, another major project funded in part by the government for the betterment of all city residents.

In terms of pricing, Geraldton is a wonderful area to invest in because the prices are still affordable. This, coupled with the fact that most other areas of the economy are doing well in WA, makes Geraldton Heights Estates a very attractive option for many looking to live a more rural lifestyle.

Perth land prices are steadily increasing and Geraldton offers an attractive alternative with lower prices and a great coastal lifestyle. These affordable prices are unlikely to last however, as more and more people make the move to this seaside community, so now is the time to take advantage of a strong market with real potential for growth and invest in Geraldton real estate.

If you want more information on how Geraldton Heights Estate can help you invest in your future, please call 08 9965 7600 today.


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