City of Greater Geraldton: Recognised in the State Heritage Awards

The heritage of a city is something that is admired by many, valued by residents and should be treasured by the local government. While many city governments do in fact work to preserve the heritage and history of their community, some stand above the others as not only having a more powerful heritage, but working harder to preserve it. In an annual contest to determine the best of those involved in heritage preservation, Geraldton has been noted as one of the top finalists in terms of having one of the best heritage preservation programs.

Heritage in the City of Greater Geraldton

The Contest

For the past 22 years, the state has held annual Heritage Awards to recognise the local governments that work the hardest to preserve what their community stands for. These awards mean a lot to both officials and residents as it is a benchmark for how the community functions overall as far as holding an identity goes.

The criterion for this contest includes not only conservation of heritage and history, but also how these values are incorporated into the daily life of those that live in the city, relevance to the modern life of the average citizen and how contemporary structures can reflect long-standing heritage.

Geraldton’s Place

While the winners of this contest are yet to be determined (they will be revealed on April 3), Geraldton currently rests at one of the top finalists’ spots. The city of Greater Geraldton is one of the top 26 in the contest finals and hopes to do well at the big reveal at His Majesty’s Theatre in Perth.

Victory looks likely for the city as many local organisations and the city government all hold top nominations for various sub-awards in areas that reward restoration and conservation.

A City of Heritage

Geraldton is a city that prides itself in, among many other things, the heritage that it has and works hard to preserve its legacy. This work has not gone unnoticed by the State Heritage Awards, for which Geraldton hopes to claim the top spot. The finalist spot means that the city receives well-deserved recognition for its efforts to preserve its history for all residents to enjoy.

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