City of Geraldton Recognises Local Heroes

There is so much more than just real estate in Geraldton and the city is constantly hosting events to remind others about this. From those who have taken advantage of our house and land packages and now live in Geraldton, many wonderful people have emerged as outstanding in the city. All of our citizens are great people and we honour local heroes and groups that have really made a difference in our community.

City of Geraldton Recognises Local Heroes

The Awards

The City of Greater Geraldton is giving out a number of awards on Australia Day to citizens that have displayed outstanding contributions or noteworthy community service to the city. There are going to be four of these awards, called the Premier Awards.

The first is for general service; the second for people under the age of 26; and the third for a group or organisation of people. The fourth award, The City’s Award, is special and is given to a significant young person under the age of 21. Together, these awards are meant to bring to light all the noble acts of our special citizens and for us to be able to show that we appreciate everything they do.

Public Nomination

Although the recipients of these awards will be chosen by a higher council, the city invites each person to nominate their peers for this honour. This way, the city leaders aren’t the only ones who can show their gratitude, but the very people being served as well.

You may nominate anyone, but the awards will be given to those who display excellence in community service, leadership and initiative, as well as those who possess inspiring qualities and have made a real, positive impact in our area.

Honouring Heroes

In every community, special people rise up to make a positive impact in the place where they live. While this kind of selfless work is sometimes left unappreciated, the city of Geraldton hopes to show their gratitude to our local heroes and our property team sends their support as well.

People who excel in leadership and service will be honoured in the special way they deserve. To learn more about this, call (08) 9301 4445.