Charity Begins at Home: A Heart-Warming Success

As those of you who follow this blog know, we teamed up with one of our builder friends, Redink Homes Midwest, to donate one of our house and land packages in Geraldton Heights Estate to the charity Midwest Charity Begins at Home. On Saturday, 29 November 2014, the Gala Dinner and auction were held, raising an estimated total of $800,000.

That’s right: $800,000. The completed house and land package in Geraldton Heights was going to be auctioned, but it was sold prior to the event for $550,000. Geraldton Heights Estate, 4Land Property Group and Redink Homes Midwest were all ecstatic to see that we were able to help raise $550,000 for such a worthy cause.

What Charity Begins at Home Does

Charity Begins at Home provides financial assistance to local families who have been hit by serious illness resulting in financial hardship. We and our friends at Redink Homes Midwest became involved because we wanted to give back to the community. When we heard about the work that Charity Begins at Home is doing, we knew that we wanted to be part of such a great mission.

The Auction was Exciting

The rest of the auction raised approximately $250,000. 420 people attended the Gala Dinner and bidding during the auction was spirited and generous. Chris Dobson, president of Midwest Charity Begins at Home, said that the money would help the charity greatly in fulfilling their mission of providing assistance to local families. She even remarked that this is the first year they won’t run out of funds prior to the Gala Dinner.

Thank You to the Citizens of Geraldton

We would like to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to the citizens of Geraldton and the surrounding community for making the Gala Dinner a rousing success and enabling Midwest Charity Begins at Home to continue their fine and vital work in the Geraldton Community.

We are proud to be associated with you.