Can Your First Home be Your Dream Home at Geraldton Heights Estate?

Geraldton real estate is a lot less expensive than Perth real estate. As a developer who provides house and land packages in both the Geraldton and Perth areas, we are still surprised at the difference between the lifestyle and cost of living in Geraldton as opposed to Perth.

Your First Home At Geraldton Heights Estate

We have already sold a lot of our house and land packages at Geraldton Heights Estate to Perth residents looking for a seachange. But a lot of people in Perth are beginning to realise just how much of a bargain land is in Geraldton compared to in the Perth area.

For example, at our estate in Landsdale called Pafumi Rise, we are selling 450 sqm blocks for $333,000 and they are a great bargain. At Geraldton Heights Estate, a 2000 sqm block sells for $129,000. This is why a lot of people are making the seachange and moving to Geraldton.

Easier for First Home Buyers

If you are a first home buyer, one of the biggest obstacles is finding enough money for a deposit. It is really difficult to get started. But it is a lot easier when a home costs as much as $200,000 less than it would in Perth.

The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) is still in effect and it has been changed to greatly favour buyers of new homes. Right now, you are eligible for a $10,000 FHOG if you build a new home. In addition, when you build a new home, you don’t pay stamp tax on the building: just the land. If your land block costs less than $300,000, you are exempt from stamp tax duty.

So, you get a $10,000 grant and you don’t pay any stamp tax duty. How could it get any better? How about if you were able to reduce your yearly taxes by depreciating the building, even as the home appreciates in value?

That is exactly what happens if you use your First Home Owner Grant to purchase an investment property: $10,000 grant, no stamp tax duty and you get to depreciate your building to lower your taxes.

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