Buy Land for Sale in Geraldton Heights Estate and be a Part of the $10,000 Spring Bonanza Lucky Draw

Geraldton Heights Estate is adding a chance at $10,000 for those who take advantage of the land we offer for sale in our Estate before 30th November 2015. That’s right: buy before 30th November 2015 and you can win $10,000 cash.

Buy Land for Sale and Win 10,000AUD

Here’s How it Works

The terms and conditions are simple. To be eligible for the $10,000 draw, you must sign an offer to purchase any block of land currently for sale at Geraldton Heights Estate with unconditional finance approval by 30th November 2015. You must make your deposit by the date agreed upon in the contract. You will also pay the full asking price of $129,000 unless there is a mutually agreed upon cash price.

You will then be entered into a cash draw in which one buyer will win $10,000. The draw will be conducted no later than 31st December 2015. The winner will be paid by cheque or EFT after successful settlement of the purchase.

Why Geraldton Heights Estate?

Geraldton Heights Estate is rapidly becoming the most popular land estate in the Mid West. It is located in Moresby, ten minutes from both the Geraldton CBD and the Indian Ocean. The property is elevated, providing views of the Geraldton CBD and the Indian Ocean.

Every block of land for sale in Geraldton Heights Estate is a lifestyle block, 2,000 sqm or larger. Eventually Geraldton Heights Estate will feature 2,500 houses, a Town Centre, schools, medical facilities, shopping and dining.

The ultimate metric is results and Geraldton Heights Estate is a smashing success by the result that counts the most: sales. Stage 1 sold out quickly. There are only two blocks left in Stage 2. Stage 3A is selling out fast and Stage 3B has just been released.

Geraldton Heights Estate is developed and managed by 4Land Property Group, who has developed numerous successful land estates in the Perth area. Geraldton Heights Estate is another part of a long pattern of success.

Buy Geraldton Property for Sale before It’s too Late

To learn more, call Geraldton Heights Estate today: (08) 9301 4445.