Building a New Home? Do Not Make These Mistakes!

Our property team wants you to be happy when you build a home in Geraldton Heights Estate. We know the pitfalls that often await those building new homes. While our select group of builder friends always provide a high quality home for you, here are some mistakes that those building a new home often make.

Building A New Home in Geraldton Property

Inappropriate HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

Make sure your heating and cooling is appropriate for your home. All units should be the right size and capacity. The design should be perfect.

Poor Use of Space

Make sure that the space in your home is maximised relative to your needs. Is a huge entrance hall taking space that could make the kids’ bedroom more comfortable?

Lack of Overall Planning

Especially at Geraldton Heights Estate, with lots around 2,000 square metres in area, you have plenty of space to build. If you are a young couple buying your first home, for example, consider how many children you plan on having. Will one of your parents eventually need to move in? Is your industry moving toward a “work at home” office model? Do you have hobbies that could flourish in a large hobby room? Do you like to entertain guests?

These are all important considerations. Don’t build your “dream home” only to outgrow it in a few years.

Poor Lighting

Especially in a place with an ocean view, we recommend using a lot of large sliding doors and windows along with skylights to let a lot of sunlight in. If it fits into your lifestyle, incorporate open design elements. Make sure that your lighting for nighttime is adequate, too.

Underutilised Rooms

If you don’t exercise, don’t build an exercise room. While a “spare bedroom” may sound nice, it would be better utilised as a home office if nobody is going to use it.

Wrong Location

Build your home in a sought after planned estate such as Geraldton Heights Estate. Contact us on (08) 9301 4445.