The Beauty of the Coral Coast Alive in Geraldton

One of the things that make Western Australia one of the most attractive locations for both domestic and foreign tourists is the magnificence of the Coral Coast. This stunning sample of nature is definitely a gem of our country and contains various man-made historical landmarks, exotic wildlife, utopian weather and, as the name implies, extravagant coral reefs and the ocean. What is the best part of the Coral Coast though? All of these can be enjoyed just a stone’s throw away from home.

Coral Bay Western Australia

Places and Things to See

The Coral Coast is comprised of most of the western seaboard of Australia. Even for locals, there are many things that can be seen here that you would be pressed to find anywhere else. Abundant wildlife dwell in the national parks at Kalbarri and Shark Bay as well as many beautiful flowers found nowhere else.

If history is what you are interested in, there then are a number of landmarks as well that make the Coral Coast worth seeing, such as the historic St Peter’s Church in Greenough. A little something for everyone exists in this piece of paradise.

An Ocean of Wonder

The defining feature of the Coral Coast however is the ocean that borders it. People who swim in its waters may encounter the largest fish on the planet, the whale shark. The Ningaloo Coral Reef is what gives this area its name and is truly a gem of the natural world. The vivid colours and beauty of nature make it a must see.

Kayaking and other oceanic activities are also popular in these waters and the temperate weather makes this a wonderful experience for all.

There’s No Place Like Home…

Western Australia’s Coral Coast is one of the greatest places to visit in the country. For you, however, this needn’t be a place of your dreams. All of the wonders of the wildlife, history and reef-clad waters can be enjoyed from your own front doorstep. Cities like Geraldton provide property that offers these benefits, making it great for any admirer of nature.

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