New Batavia Coast Marina Provides even More Amenities to Geraldton Heights Estate Homeowners

When 4Land Property Group chose the location of Geraldton for one of their biggest real estate projects, Geraldton Heights Estate, the Geraldton Council was one of the reasons. Geraldton has forward-thinking leadership who are helping to set Geraldton up for unprecedented growth and prosperity in the coming years.

New Amenities for Homeowners in Geraldton Real Estate

They are extremely friendly to both residential and commercial projects. They have been instrumental to the completion of such projects as the Champion Bay foreshore enhancement, the HMAS II Sydney Monument, the Bill Sewell Project, the museum and the Batavia Coast Marina. These projects are helping to make Geraldton the foremost destination in the Mid West to work, live or invest in.

The Batavia Coast Marina Stage 1 is now complete, with work on the Batavia Coast Marina Stage 2 underway. They are known as BCMS 1 and BCMS 2, respectively. Both BCMS 1 and BCMS 2 provide strategic links to connect the the Batavia Coast Marina with the CBD and the foreshore.

This project and its connection to the CBD and the foreshore will provide stunning visuals and abundant opportunities for mutual growth between the three entities. They are combining to enhance Geraldton’s lifestyle and its reputation as a tourist destination, across Australia and abroad.

What it Means to You

Geraldton is a great place to live and Geraldton Heights represents one of the best opportunities to “get in on the ground floor” of what is becoming the “hottest” of any Geraldton real estate development.

If you are from Perth, you may not believe your eyes at our prices. Our blocks are all 2,000 sqm or slightly larger and sell for $129,000. Blocks that large would easily command more than $1 million in any desirable Perth suburb. If you like seachange and want a nice, large block of land to call home, Geraldton Heights Estate is perfect for you.

If you are a local, Geraldton Heights Estate is desirable because it represents the best combination of a great lifestyle and potential capital growth in the Mid West.

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