At Geraldton Heights Estate, Charity Begins in One of Our Homes

The Owners of Geraldton Heights Estate and Redink Homes Midwest are proud to announce that they are donating a house and land package to a local Geraldton charity called “Midwest Charity Begins at Home (MWCBAH)”. The house and land package in Geraldton Heights Estate is worth over a half million dollars. It will be auctioned off as soon as the home is completed, towards the end of the year.

Donating House and Land to A Geraldton Charity

Since 2008, MWCBAH have raised approximately $1,072,000 to help with expenses and medical bills for those who have cancer and other serious illnesses. We are proud to be in a position to help such a great charity and hope that we are able to set a precedent in which MWCBAH is able to help even more people in their times of need than they already have.

Midwest Charity Begins at Home: Who Are They?

In 2008, Dr Ros Worthington’s cousin Julie received a diagnosis of aggressive stage three breast cancer. The only way she was going to survive was to begin chemotherapy treatment immediately. As what happens to most chemotherapy patients, Julie was unable to work. Unlike most chemotherapy patients, she was a single mum with two children to support and no money coming in.

Dr Worthington was able to mobilise support from the Geraldton community and decided to hold a Gala Dinner whose purpose was to raise funds for Julie to take care of her children. Thanks to numerous businesses and volunteers, the Gala Dinner was an unprecedented success. In fact, it was so successful that Dr Worthington and others from the Geraldton area decided to form a committee to make this possible for others in the future.

From that impassioned committee was born Midwest Charity Begins at Home. MWCBAH now holds a Gala Dinner every year and has raised more funds for more people with each successive year.

Their mission is still the same as it was that first night in 2008: to raise funds for people in the Geraldton community who are suffering from cancer or from other serious illnesses.

Where Does the Money Go?

Maybe the better question is “Where does the money NOT go?” Everyone involved with MWCBAH works on a volunteer basis, meaning that absolutely none of the money donated to MWCBAH goes to administration costs. The only costs are for the Gala Dinner: equipment hire, hall hire, catering and entertainment. Sometimes, even some of those costs are defrayed by donations of services and items needed to stage the Gala Dinner.

As of this writing, MWCBAH has donated money directly to 57 families in the Geraldton area. The auction really began to “take off” in 2011, allowing MWCBAH to accelerate their efforts and increase the number of families they were able to help. We are hopeful that other real estate companies and vendors of “big ticket” items come forward and make sizeable donations to MWCBAH in the future.

All of the money that MWCBAH raises is awarded to families in the Midwest region. MWCBAH is meant to be a local charity and to help those in the immediate community.

Giving back to the community

Geraldton Heights Estate and Redink Homes Midwest wanted to make a meaningful contribution to the Geraldton community. With Geraldton Heights Estate donating the land plot and Redink Homes Midwest donating the fully furnished house, the aim is to raise more that $500,000 for the MWCBAH.

The Geraldton community sets an example to all of us. Local residents believe in giving back to the community and helping those who are less fortunate. Midwest Charity Begins at Home is a shining example of this exemplary community spirit.

Many charities start out with good intentions, but quickly become defunct as most of the money they collect is paid out towards expenses. Some of the bigger charities have expenses as high as 90%, meaning that only $1 out of every $10 donated actually goes to someone who needs it.

Midwest Charity Begins at Home has raised over a million dollars and has donated almost all of it to people who need the help. They have no dedicated physical office space and no paid staff. This means that all the money raised goes to those in need in the Midwest.

For more information, to attend the Gala Dinner or to donate an item for auction, please visit the MWCBAH website:

August Update:

Look how well the charity home is coming along:

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