Artistry in Geraldton

With plenty of land and plenty of resources, the city of Geraldton has the potential to be just about whatever it wants to be. It draws inspiration from nature, industry and more. Similarly, its people aspire to mould the city into whatever they’d like.

 There are a number of different arts and crafts businesses that cater exactly to the creative spirit in the people of Geraldton.

Creative Memories, a business run by Britt McDonald, specializes in taking digital photos and making something great coloured-pencilsand memorable out of them. Great for family scrapbooks and more, they tailor their creations just for you.

Mosaically Inspired is a shop that operates on a cycle of destruction and creation. Great as a therapeutic technique, you join with them to break something and form it back together again into a work of art. This is great for people who are looking to bond or reunite with old friends and for those who are seeking new friendships.

Metal wires can be shaped into artwork, and this is another unique artistic design that Relz Wire Workz capitalizes on. Rust resistant and great for gifts, they even receive custom orders.

Located on the ocean, Geraldton is known for its nautical musings. Inspired by this, Sandcastle Jewellery designs and sells items made from pearls, gemstones, shells and other sea beauties. They often participate in art festivals and fairs, thus, with these exposures, their magnificent and intricate work are known throughout Western Australia.

For all the scrapbook enthusiasts out there, Scrapbooking in Geraldton has everything that you would need to make the perfect scrapbook that houses your memories and enhances your creative side. They also host parties and offer classes on how to scrapbook like a pro.

Unique as U is a store dedicated just to children. They have a vast selection of different stationeries and other craft supplies that gives color to a room and makes it exciting. Fun for all ages, they believe in having fun with art and fostering that in our young people.

All of our art stores are owned and operated locally by gifted individuals that own Geraldton property. They would love to have you in and explore with them the wonders of art and creation.

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