A Walk through Culture and History: The Mullewa Trails

The land that the city of Geraldton is set on is full of beauty. Located directly on the Western Coast, it has the sea on one side and magnificent fields of wildflowers on the other. An excellent place to call home, it has more than just this. Geraldton and its surrounding areas are also rich in culture and history.

Just about an hour’s drive north, you will find the place that sums up the heritage left from this history in the form of different tours that you can take to learn about the region’s history and witness its beauty firsthand.

In the town of Mullewa, often referred to as the “Shire of Mullewa”, these tours are called collectively the Mullewa Everlasting Cultural Trails. The four different paths to take offer different points of view on the complete culture of the area.

The first trail is called the Bushland Trail and traverses parts of the nearby countryside. Truly accentuating the wonders of nature, this walk shows off the beauty of the region.

WildFlower TrailThe Wildflower Walk is similar in its connection to nature, but has a more specialised approach to showing this. This focuses on a phenomenon that occurs every year in the late winter: the fields light up with a dazzling display of wildflowers. The trail was designed to showcase just this and many visitors come every year for this reason.

For a more historical approach, the Rail-Loop Trail displays the railroads that were once – and still are to a degree – a central part of the development of Mullewa and other nearby Geraldton property. It’s a great way to see the growth of the area and train enthusiasts will appreciate it even more.

The Town Heritage Walk takes you through the main town and reveals in a real way the history and way of life of people of that time period. There is so much to learn through this educational and engaging walk.

All of the Everlasting Cultural Trails have guides available to lead you through the walks, but for the most part, the trails are self-guided. This allows more for you to experience our beauty and history at your own pace and leisure.

For more information about the trails and how to plan a trip, please call us at 9961 1007.