A Guide to Flooring for Your New Home

If you decide to take advantage of our prime land for sale at Geraldton Heights Estate, you will get to build your own house, just the way you want it. Though our builder friends have plenty of plans, you can also use your own architect and builder. This gives you a lot of flexibility. Even if you go with a standard home from one of our builders, you will be able to choose a lot of the particulars. One of those is flooring. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of various options.

A Guide to Flooring for Your New Home


There are a lot of great things to be said for timber flooring. First of all, it is the most attractive of any flooring option. It is recommended for bedrooms, living rooms and family rooms. Timber really shines when it is used in a living room or family room that leads out to a timber deck or patio. Timber’s natural look makes it a “natural” for the transition between indoors and outdoors, especially the aforementioned timber deck.

The “cons” for timber: we don’t recommend it in a kitchen or dining area with children, because you are going to spend a lot of time cleaning and refinishing it. Timber can also be a bit noisy and echoey.


Carpet also works well in living rooms, family rooms and bedrooms and equally well in hallways. It dampens noise and protects the floor beneath. It is also the easiest to replace of any variety of flooring. Carpet is versatile and is available in many different styles, colours and varieties. The cons: not recommended for kitchens, bathrooms or dining areas.


We think tiles are the best option for kitchens, dining areas and bathrooms. They are versatile, easily-cleaned and durable. Tiles can usually handle anything your children can throw at them.

Other Options

Other options, such as bamboo, laminate, cork and vinyl can be used, but we aren’t recommending them for young families.

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