A City Rich in Culture and Heritage

In the world of today, the city of Geraldton is known for many things, including prime location of its real estate development, prime land and property for sale, and for being a welcoming tourist destination. However, Geraldton is so much more than just that.

In its history, Geraldton has developed an extensive heritage and culture that the city has built in itself over the many years since its inception.

Some people seem to think that Geraldton is all about real estate, tourism, and maybe some fishing or water sports. While all of this is true, it only captures a small part of what makes it such a great city. There is so much history, culture, and a heritage left to us as a result of both.

Long before it was ever thought to be the bustling port city it is today, the land that we now call Geraldton was noted for its beautiful coastline and large amounts of farmable land. In the mid 1800s, it was explored by a number of European navigators, some to their demise as the sea claimed the wreckage of their ships.

When it was formally founded in the late 1800s, it began to grow as a centre of agriculture and boating. Even in its early stages, its reputation as a port city began to spread. It didn’t take long for its own culture and style to develop.

Many large homesteads were built to harvest the local farming goods, and ornate cathedrals and places for the arts were designed, adding to the heritage we still enjoy in Geraldton today. It wasn’t long before the railroads came in, allowing the city to expand its trading boundaries and grow exponentially.

The story of Geraldton is one of triumph, not without its failures, as any story has; but overall a great one. Today, we still celebrate the history left to us from this story in the form of many different museums and attractions that reveal parts of the story as a whole.

Not only does Geraldton have a rich history, but it is a great place to live today. For more information on Geraldton and Geraldton Heights Estates, call (08) 9965 7600 today.