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Despite Falling Land Sales Across Australia, Geraldton Heights Estate Pushes Forward

Sales of new and existing homes have been declining or plateauing in many parts of Australia for some time now, however in the city of Geraldton, there is still significant development and property for sale. Two fiscal quarters ago, there was a reported 20% drop in the number of residential housing sales across Australia, though
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The Future Developments of Geraldton

Of all the great towns and cities on the western coast of Australia, none have quite the same charm that Geraldton possesses. With a growing population, the City of Geraldton is a rising star with beautiful, scenic surroundings and a bustling economy. Currently, the City is a hub for the industries of mining, tourism, and
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Profiles for Property in Geraldton

There are many opportunities to live in beautiful and well developed cities on the western coast of Australia, but one of the greatest is without a doubt Geraldton Heights Estate. Geraldton is located on the coast, surrounded by the bounty of nature and blessed with a booming and dynamic economy, due mostly to the large
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Lot 109 is now Under Offer!

We are pleased to announce the first sale at Geraldton Heights Estate! Lot 109 is now Under Offer!

The Amenities and Economy of Geraldton

If a great lifestyle is what you’reaid back lifestyles around. Geraldton’s population numbers are on the rise as the strengthening economy has led to expansion, not just for real estate, but for all aspects of its diverse economy. The city was founded as the mining hub of the region, but has grown into a capital of many industries
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The Shining City of Geraldton

There are a number of cities in Western Australia with great land developments, but none offer the same great opportunities as Geraldton Heights Estate! A rising star of a city, Geraldton is known for its water and nature tourism, as well as a thriving economy due to said tourism, as well as fishing, mining, and farming. The real estate market
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Amazing Nature Sights Along the Greenough River Walk Trail

If you’ve been longing to escape to a community closely tied to nature whilst still offering all the conveniences of a small city, then look no further than Geraldton Heights Estate! Approximately 424 km north of the City of Perth, Geraldton is a small, idyllic city that is experiencing growth in its population and economy. One of Geraldton’s prime land
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Geraldton and the Wonders of the Abrolhos Islands

If you’re tiring of busy city life in Perth, then why not consider a move to Geraldton? Situated approximately 424 km north of Perth, Geraldton is an amazing city that is poised for significant economic growth over the coming years. Geraldton Heights Estate is one of the City’s most prominent developments, a master-planned community, which will, when fully completed, contain all
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Want to Go Diving? Geraldton is the Right Place

If you’re seeking a rural lifestyle that still offers all the conveniences of city living, then you may want to consider Geraldton Heights Estate. Located about 424 km north of Perth, Geraldton is an amazing city now on the rise. Geraldton Heights is the one of the City’s most prominent land estate developments, a master-planned community which will eventually contain all
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Fishing for Happiness in Geraldton

If you’ve ever dreamed of moving away to a more rural setting, then you may be interested in the phenomenal real estate currently available in Geraldton. Approximately 424 km north of Perth, Geraldton is a beautiful city with a thriving economy. A major land estate development currently underway there is Geraldton Heights Estate, a master-planned community only 10 minutes from the City
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