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Construction of Stage 1 of Geraldton Heights Estate has now started!

We are pleased to announce that construction of Stage 1 of Geraldton Heights Estate has now begun!      

Sunset Beach Holiday Park in Geraldton: One of WA’s Few Remaining Beachfront Parks

We hope that you will eventually come up to Geraldton and check out some of our property for sale, and if you do, you might really like to spend a week or a weekend in Sunset Beach Holiday Park getting to know the area. Sunset Beach Holiday Park is one of the few remaining WA
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Geraldton Predicted to Grow by 15,000 People by 2026

There is plenty of land for sale in Geraldton, but if the population growth predictions are any indication, it could become significantly more expensive in the next few years. A website called put together something called the Big Sky Big Ideas presentation, and projected growth in Australia, nationally, by state, and by region. Geraldton
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Geraldton’s Thriving Economy: No End in Sight

The Geraldton real estate market is very strong right now, and this is a reflection of a thriving local economy. While Geraldton’s growth is driven by the mining industry, Geraldton has 14,321 jobs in the city, of which only 446 are directly related to mining. Consequently, the unemployment rate for the entire region is only
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Geraldton: Water Sports Capital of the Mid West?

While researching the area and putting together our Geraldton property team, we learned a lot about the area. Besides Geraldton being a mining hub where we could offer land for sale, a rural lifestyle with city amenities, we found that some consider Geraldton to be a water sports hub for the region. Geraldton has a
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Tourist Attractions in and around Geraldton WA

For a small town, Geraldton has a lot of great tourist attractions. It’s a major part of the reason why 4Land Property Group chose Geraldton as a location to offer property for sale. There is a lot to see and do in Geraldton, and some very nice places that reflect the culture and heritage of
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Shopping in Geraldton

There is a fair amount of value for money land for sale in Geraldton, but the environment is definitely that of a small town. Visitors or those moving in will find that the central shopping area is quaint, and that shopping in Geraldton can be much more relaxing than it is in a big city.
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Geraldton: Mining Hub of the Mid West

Geraldton is in a great economic position right now. Geraldton’s real estate market prices are still that of a small town, while the mining industry has produced thousands of jobs in the region. There is a fair amount of affordable, quality land for sale in Geraldton, and it is much more affordable than other mining
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Do You Want a Rural Lifestyle with City Amenities? Geraldton Heights May Be Just What the Doctor Ordered

Geraldton Heights is our newest estate at 4Land Property Group.  Geraldton is a small town on the ocean, 424 km north of Perth, with a 2011 Census count of slightly under 27,000. Despite its small size, it’s not lacking in city amenities. To get there from Perth, it’s a trip along Indian Ocean Drive, or
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Introducing Geraldton Heights Estate, Stage 1

Ray White Real Estate in Geraldton, WA, and 4Land Property Group are proud to announce the release of Stage 1 of Geraldton Heights Estate.  4Land Property Group, located 424 km south of Geraldton in Perth, has previously launched five estates in the Perth area, and all of them almost sold out, due to their combination
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