2,000 m2 Lifestyle Blocks: Another Reason People Move from Perth to Geraldton

At 4Land Property Group, we have been very successful offering house and land packages in the Perth area. At Geraldton Heights Estate, we are able to offer huge land blocks for prices that would be unheard of in Perth for much lower prices.

In Perth, the price of land is at a premium. However, we offer 500 m2 blocks at The Terraces Estate in Pearsall for $375,000 and it is a great bargain compared to everything else in the area. Perth is densely populated; land is expensive to purchase and develop into land estates.

Large Lifestyle Blocks In Geraldton

At Geraldton Heights Estate, we are proud to offer blocks that are larger than 2,000 m2 for $129,000.

So, what is it about Geraldton that we can offer such large lifestyle blocks for such low prices? Is it a good place to live? Can you find a job there?

Why So Many People are Moving from Perth to Geraldton

Once you get away from the Capital Cities, it is a lot less expensive to live. The economy tends to be more local than national. Geraldton embodies the “sea change” lifestyle: friendly and laid back.

Despite being small, Geraldton has its share of big city amenities. To many, Geraldton represents the best of both worlds: big city amenities in a small town environment. The Port of Geraldton has become a mining hub for the Mid West region. This means there are a lot of jobs supporting the shipping and mining industries.

In addition, Geraldton is a tourist destination for fishing, surfing, diving and nature tours. In wildflower season, Geraldton is a hot spot due to its stunning natural flora.

You’ll Love Geraldton Heights Estate

We already told you about the 2,000 m2 land blocks, but there is much, much more to Geraldton Heights Estate. We are a master planned estate which will eventually hold more than 2,500 houses, a Town Centre with medical and shopping facilities, schools and landscaped parks.

To learn more or to enquire about house and land packages, call Geraldton Heights Estate today: (08) 9301 4445.